How To : Change Email Address or Username & Password

For your information security iMortgage Services associates do not have access to your login information. You are responsible for the maintenance of your account.

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Step 1 : Login to your profile (click here for instructions


Step 2: Once logged in, please select MANAGEMENT in the upper right hand corner. 

Select Employee Summary

Click on an employee name to start adjusting.

To update your contact numbers, type the new number over the existing number, click Save in the upper right hand corner when complete.  (Please use the xxx-xxx-xxxx format.  Do not add spaces to the end of the number.)

To update your contact email, type the new email address over the old email in the box next to the word "email".  Press Save when finished.

*Updating your contact email does not automatically change/update your username.  These fields must be updated individually.

(Please use the xxx-xxx-xxxx format.  Do not add spaces to the end of the email address.)

In addition to changing your email address you may want to update your username/password to something more user friendly.


Change Username/Password:


If not logged in already, follow Steps 1 & 2, click on Username/password. Make the changes, select change password box  and press SAVE.

Note: DO NOT change the login dropdown from True to False, or the user from Admin to User, this will lock you out of your account and our PropertySmart Administrators will have to allow you access.


Note : Email addresses are a unique identifier for company employees. If you attempt to use the same email address on more than one employee profile, or if the email address is already registered in our system, you will receive an error and will not be able to continue updating.  If this happens and you feel it has been in error, please email our Vendor Solutions Department at


What if I forgot my password and I no longer have access to my old email?

Simply email the Vendor Solutions Department at and we’ll have the login reset by our PropertySmart Administrator and we will supply you a temporary login so you can access your account. Note : The login is only temporary so you’ll want to adjust it to something more user friendly.

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